The WorldExchange service provides various financial services.

Do you want to give cash dollars in your country and receive them abroad?

Our service will help you to "rearrange" your money. And most importantly: absolutely any amount. We offer you to give/collect a cash dollar with a minimum commission in the following cities:

  • Any city in Ukraine
  • Sofia
  • Warsaw
  • Barcelona
  • Dubai
  • Vienna
  • Istanbul
  • Prague
  • Larnaca
  • Tbilisi
  • Limassol
  • Geneva

We increase the allowance for Ukrainian refugees in Europe by 7%

You can exchange euros from the EU bank for hryvnia at the rate of 39.8. That is, from 449 € you will receive 17,870 hryvnias to a Monobank / Privatbank card. When spending from Monobank in euros, your money will be debited at the rate of 37.45. That is, from 17,870 you will receive 477.2€. At the same time, you can also withdraw money from a Ukrainian card and use euro cash. Revolut in this case is needed in order to make the transfer instantly, we will help you with its registration.

Write to us and we will provide you with these services